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Mobile Money

Telepin’s Mobile Money integration services provide robust mobile financial service offerings to your subscriber and merchant customers. Our highly scalable and secure solutions plug into your existing infrastructure, leveraging the investment you’ve made in charging systems and value-added service delivery platforms.

We understand mobile financial transactions better than any general value-added services infrastructure and have worked with many tier-one mobile operators around the globe. We apply this knowledge to deliver best-in-class solutions.

Our Mobile Financial Services address:

  • Your need to differentiate and extend your communications network by offering new and differentiated services.
  • Your subscribers’ need for convenience and the ability to conduct international mobile money transfers via their personal devices, giving them financial inclusion.
  • Your merchants’ desire to incorporate mobile commerce as a payment mechanism.
  • Your concerns for security, privacy, and reliability.

Our core Mobile Money solution allows you to build out the following services for your subscribers and merchants:

  • mobile money integration services: Cash-in deposits


  • mobile money integration services: Cash-out deposits


  • mobile money integration services: Person to person transfers

    money transfers

  • Bill

  • Person-to-merchant

  • Online

  • Business-to-business

  • Business-to-person
    and group-to-person
    bulk disbursements

We also offer add-on modules to help you further differentiate and extend your service offerings to subscribers and merchants. These include:

  • A coupon/gift certificate marketplace, allowing you to provide subscribers with the ability to acquire single-use “coupons” that can be redeemed at a merchant for face value.
  • Promotions and contests, including “Lucky Draw”-type contests with instant random winners for pre-selected transaction types, amounts, etc.
  • Loyalty promotions based on purchases, where the module is a cumulative counter. When customers reach a specified threshold value, the platform automatically triggers a pre-configured reward.
  • Loyalty rewards that allow subscribers to collect loyalty points on Telepin platform transactions and then redeem those points. The loyalty points are stored in one of the wallets associated with the account.

Telepin’s advanced platform with mobile money integration services allows mobile operators to add on services that meet the needs of customers.

Core banking: The natural extension of Mobile Money allows a single system to accommodate the needs of microfinance institutions and other entities that offer more modest banking needs. These feature sets enhance the standard MFI offering with our core feature set of channel and integration expertise.

Loans and credit: Scoring, disbursement, and repayment are available to both subscribers and merchants / agents.

Insurance: Offer a variety of coverage options from handset/lifestyle, travel, and accident/health (including purchase, status, and renewal of policies) to automated monthly debiting, as well as grace period and auto-cancellation.

Virtual credit cards: Create a bridge between the stored value account on the Telepin platform with a virtual credit card. Provide a simple and cost-effective means to increase the utility of your consumers’ stored value accounts, while retaining cash in the system. All stored value and consumer lifecycle management is delivered through Telepin’s platform.

International hub: A single central hub for multiple operators to connect to exchange airtime, mobile payments, and international remittance.

Mobile Money FAQ


We empower mobile operators with their international mobile money transfer expertise, ensuring seamless and secure cross-border financial transactions.

Our core Mobile Money solution encompasses many mobile money integration services, including cash-in deposits, cash-out withdrawals, and person-to-person money transfers.

We provide add-on modules, such as a coupon/gift certificate marketplace and promotions and contests.

Our advanced platform seamlessly integrates core banking services, loans, and credit facilities, expanding its scope beyond mobile money solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers and operators alike.