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Mobile Money Managed Services

Take advantage of our world-class operations and managed services. From platform management to proactive problem resolution, we provide the support you need.

Get visibility into how your applications are behaving with our dashboards, and see at-a- glance analysis anytime. Identify and resolve performance issues before they become major roadblocks. Work with our services team to identify requirements and execute for faster time-to-market, and allow your team to focus on what’s important—your business strategy.

We proactively prevent issues from affecting your business by using state of the art monitoring tools to resolve issues quickly and efficiently before they affect your end-user customer experience. We also support your business in defining additional service offerings that will help to enhance and differentiate your offerings from those of your competitors.

Get access to remote and on-site systems engineers capable of managing, monitoring, and adapting our highly configurable platform for optimum health and innovation.

Managed Services to suit your business – choose from our packages or create a custom combination to match your requirements.

Remote Application Proactive Monitoring Services

  • operates via our centrally managed 24/7 data operations centre
  • configuration for active application monitoring
  • optional configuration for hardware and virtual environments monitoring
  • health checks to detect abnormal conditions
  • daily status reports

Application Management Services

  • Telepin controls platform monitoring and management to free up your team
  • available on long term agreements (minimum of a three year term)
  • includes the Remote Application Proactive Monitoring Services (as above)

Application Development Management Services

  • dedicated professional services team using Agile methodology
  • focus on solution architecture, confirmation management, and project management
  • interface with your teams to increase speed, productivity and flexibility of the application development delivery
  • manage all activities starting from high level design to deployment of final deliverables

Business and Consultancy Services

How do you get the most out of your business? Let us help you review and evaluate what is working for you now – and how to make it better. It’s not just about what to add, but also how to structure the workflow to maximize your revenue:

  • maximize the full potential of the Telepin platform
  • scope requirements and look for alternatives for go-to- market accelerators, optimizing revenue
  • consistently measure the KPI’s and growth on the usage of the system, providing insights for optimization and efficiencies



Telepin offers standard platform training and customized workshops depending upon your need and implementation. Contact us to discuss your requirements and tailored options.