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Airtime Top up

Telepin’s Airtime Top-up solution provides a flexible platform for your subscribers and merchants to recharge their account, and add prepaid mobile airtime minutes whenever, wherever, and however they wish.

Telepin’s Airtime Mobile Top-up Software empowers your subscribers to recharge credit to their mobile account:

  • Airtime Top-up solution can be combined with traditional mobile top-up voucher systems or implemented with our agent distribution management system for a complete electronic recharging platform.
  • It can also be deployed independently for subscribers for self-service recharging and airtime top-up.

Flexible deployment:

  • Our Airtime Top-up software can be deployed in a variety of ways, including in-network through an ownership model, hosted via the Telepin Airtime Top-up platform, through service providers that distribute and resell airtime on behalf of the mobile operator, and with operator groups as a recharge solution for roaming prepaid subscribers.

Voucher management:

  • Our Airtime Top-up platform can be integrated to create and manage electronic vouchers to be used towards any service.
  • Vouchers give the operator complete control over the voucher lifecycle, right through to the virtual inventory and distribution management system.
  • Incorporating vouchers is the most flexible mechanism to keep your subscribers active on the network—generating revenue using any denomination and integrating with several systems, such as point-of-sale, kiosk, ATM, IVR, and through your calling card platform.

Airtime transfer between subscribers:

  • Our Mobile Top-up solutions allows your subscribers to transfer airtime between each other increases your overall revenue and your ability to increase your margins.
  • With the Telepin Airtime Transfer, you can give your subscribers another way to request a recharge or be recharged from friends, family, or their corporate enterprise account.

AirTime Top Up FAQ


With Telepin's Airtime Transfer, subscribers can request a recharge or be recharged by friends, family, or corporate accounts, providing an additional way to top up their airtime and reinforcing the value of mobile top-up solutions.

Telepin’s Airtime Top-up software provides diverse deployment options, including integration with traditional mobile top-up voucher systems, implementation with agent distribution management systems, and independent deployment for self-service recharging and mobile top-up solutions. This strategic versatility ensures operators can choose the most fitting approach for their electronic recharging needs, emphasizing flexibility and operational efficiency.

By deploying a mobile top-up voucher system, operators gain complete control over the voucher lifecycle, from creation to distribution, ensuring seamless network operation. This flexibility extends to various systems like point-of-sale, kiosks, ATMs, IVR, and calling card platforms, allowing operators to adapt quickly. Vouchers can be used in any denomination, providing a flexible mechanism to keep subscribers active on the network while generating revenue.