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POSTPONED TechExit 2020

  • April



THE M&A READY EVENT FOR TECH ENTREPRENEURS Toronto is happening April 29, 2020 at the MaRS Centre.

In technology, mergers and acquisitions are a regular occurrence and can be a path to growth. Every tech company needs to be “M&A Ready”. Learn from the biggest exit success stories, the multiple exit stories, and connect with the players that made them happen. is the go-to event for technology industry players who want to understand the ins and outs of selling – or buying – technology companies. This event is not just for tech companies looking to exit in the near term – it is about being “M&A ready” from day one. You’ll understand what you need in place to be able to act intelligently to plan for the future, to react to unsolicited inbound acquisition interest, or to be able to move quickly should consolidation start happening in your industry. is the only conference of its kind in Canada –focused solely on mergers and acquisition strategies for technology companies.

When: April 29, 2020
Where: MaRS Centre, 101 College St, Toronto, ON M5G 1L7


Vince Kadar, Telepin CEO, will be part of the program at this event, participating in 2 panel discussions throughout the day’s sessions:


11:35am to 12:20 pm > A1: Selling to a Third Party – Who Do You Need On Your Side (and What Will It Cost)?

If you want the biggest possible exit one day, you’ll likely want to “run a process” to attract multiple bidders for your company. This probably means that you will need a team of experienced professionals helping you, after-all, the sale of a business involves many moving parts, making it the largest and possibly most complicated transaction of your life. You can’t do this alone. The right team will get you the best price, terms and most importantly, ensure that the transaction closes.

After attending this session, you will understand:

  • What “running a process” looks like.
  • What the ideal exit team is, and how to select the best advisors for your business.
  • What your exit team will cost and how they’ll be paid.
Moderator: Ed Bryant, President & CEO, Sampford Advisors

André Perey, Partner, Osler
Bernie Li, Venture Partner, Revel Partners, Co-Founder PURE Energies (Acquired by NRG Energy Inc.)
Vince Kadar, CEO, Telepin Software Systems (Acquired by Volaris Group., an operating group of Constellation Software Inc.)
Shivalika Handa, Managing Director, Corporate Finance, PwC Canada

4:40 pm to 5:25 pm > Keynote Panel: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

This candid discussion will feature select entrepreneurs sharing their behind-the-scenes learnings on what worked, what didn’t and what they would do differently if they went through their acquisition again.

Moderator: Robert Antoniades, Co-Founder & General Partner, Information Venture Partners

Kirk Simpson, Co-Founder & CEO, Wave HQ (Acquired by H&R Block)
Nicky Senyard, Founder & CEO, Fintel Connect, Former Founder & CEO of Income Access (Acquired by PaySafe)
Vince Kadar, CEO, Telepin Software Systems (Acquired by Volaris Group., an operating group of Constellation Software Inc.)

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