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Singapore Fintech Festival

  • November



Singapore Fintech Festival

Event Overview

The Singapore FinTech Festival is a global nexus where policy, finance, and technology communities converge. Designed to foster impactful connections and collaborations, SFF is a platform to explore the intersections of cutting-edge financial solutions, evolving regulatory landscapes, and the latest technological innovations.

Guided by insights from our esteemed Content Advisory Panel of industry experts offering their strategic perspectives on market trends, emerging technologies, and regulatory shifts, SFF stands at the forefront of innovation and facilitates impactful global public-private dialogues.

Through insightful sessions, roundtables, workshops, exhibitions and much more, SFF is an immersive discovery and dialogue of the future trajectories of financial services and the overarching digital transformation reshaping global economies.

Last year, the festival hosted 62,000 participants from 134 nations.

The Singapore FinTech Festival 2023 will focus on the growth and adoption of AI and how this technology can potentially be used in financial services. Examining how technologies such as AI and Web3, and digital public goods, can help to accelerate:

Key Topics:

● the transition to a low-carbon future

● the re-imagining of the financial system architecture to better address the needs of the underserved

● the securing of the digital economy against modern climate, technology and cyber risks

When: November 15-17

Where: Singapore Expo, 1 Expo Dr, Singapore 486150

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