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Event Overview

Returning on 13-16 November, Africa Tech Festival is a jam-packed, energy-filled week that celebrates Africa’s vibrant tech scene. We bring a passionate community of 15,000+ movers and shakers and showcase the most inspiring examples of tech as a force for good.

Cape Town, this November, is YOUR gateway to the future. Join us to experience a perfect balance of business opportunities, future-focused content and true festival fun that will help you power the continent’s digital transformation.


Key Topics:

AfricaCom Centre Stage: Uniting telecoms, infrastructure and policy to position Africa as a 4IR leader.

Connecting Africa Next Billion: Joining the dots in Africa’s connectivity ecosystem to deliver on the promise of affordable, reliable, sustainable Internet for all.

Digital Infrastructure Investment: Infrastructure investment as the centrepiece of Africa’s digital transformation journey.

Telcos of Tomorrow: The latest strategy, innovation and technology trends of the continent’s digital transformation journey.

Sustainability & Climate Change: Putting sustainability at the heart of Africa’s digital economies to drive enduring socioeconomic growth.

Broadcast, Media and Entertainment: How Africa’s creative industry is undergoing a digital revolution.

When: November 13-16

Where: Capetown, South Africa, Convention Square, 1 Lower Long Street, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

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