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Some Mobile Money links from around the web

  • By Timothy Roberts
  • Monday, August 09, 2010

Mobile Money is one area of growth that is going to attract the attention of developers, start-ups and companies around the world. So what’s been happening recently that’s caught our eye here at Mobile Money Transactions?

The Top 5 Mobile Commerce Trends

Stephanie Marcus looks at where mobile is heading towards on the mobile phone. With a slight US bias in terms of handsets and capabilities, she points out the following areas likely to be big going into 2010.

  • Bargain hunting.
  • Mobile ticketing.
  • Tangible goods.

Facebook Credits available in the retail chain

Jolie O’Dell picks up on Facebook’s partnership with micropayment company MOL. Not only does this allow virtual currency trading between MOL and Facebook Credits, but it allows people to buy Facebook Credits over the counter at over half a million outlets in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. That’s a lot of casual users that can be invested into Facebook; who of course have now announced 500 million users – equal to the population of the US, Canada and Mexico. Still think that’s not a good basis for a currency?

Amazon racks up mobile income milestone

While it’s more about retail, the news that Amazon tool over £1 billion sales through mobile devices, including their Kindle eBook Reader, proves the promise that mobile devices can drive transactions, consumptions, sales and income.

PayPal Updates their iPhone app to support iOS4

No need to find a cash machine when you are out, just talk directly to your PayPal account through your iPhone. The updated application now works under the latest version of the software and the new iPhone 4. It’;s one of the easiest ways to transfer money to friends and family – and bumping two iPhones together is enough to start the process (luckily you still need to confirm it on the screen!)