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Security, Security, Security

  • By Timothy Roberts
  • Thursday, June 10, 2010

When buying a home with a focus on future resale value, common advice from any broker will put a large emphasis on “Location, Location, Location”. The intersection of mobile with financial stresses the importance of “security, security, security”.

Last week CBC news reported what we have known for some time, that RFID is not secure, but open as stated in the article: “Anyone can buy an RFID credit card reader online, where second-hand units sometimes sell for under $10, and start scanning cards in public — without cardholders knowing.”

Although it was common knowledge that contactless cards were based on RFID, it was also understood that the data and communications was encrypted between the card and the reader.

The security risk with using these products should have all consumers of using these products concerned. As we advance in technology we need to ensure that security remains the highest priority.

End user experience and convenience are the key drivers for contactless cards (queue management), however security should have been the first.

Now what type of shielding will I need on my wallet to prevent theft of my information?


Contributed by Vince Kadar