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Nokia demonstrate Loyalty Card 2.0 with NFC handsets

  • By Timothy Roberts
  • Monday, March 14, 2011

We’ve talked on the Mobile Money Transactions blog a lot about the coming wave of smartphones that will bootstrap the monetary revolution, but now we’re seeing this brought into the light.

Nokia, who have added the NFC hardware to their latest smartphones, demoed a prototype interface – ShopWizer – to this chip at the recent Mobile World Congress Show:

What’s important in this video is not just the basic mechanics of an NFC based transaction, but what’s going on around the transaction. Touching the product here isn’t just about buying; it’s about finding more out about the product; bookmarking the physical items in the real world, share it with your friends for buying advice via Facebook or Twitter; finding the product again in the store; navigating the shop floor; and providing feedback on your purchase or shopping experience.

Of course it’s all based around having a lot of NFC chips out there, perhaps in the price tags on the shelves, but as the cost of production of these chips comes down (especially in bulk) I’d expect to see higher ticket items each carrying their own chip during 2012 with an explosion in the years after that of NFC with everything.

By which point most of the western world will have access to a location aware, NFC scanning smartphone, that has an internet connection which can take advantage of push messaging.

You just found yourself the next generation of store loyalty cards with push adverting, tailored vouchers and an enhanced customer experience all rolled in to one package.