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No NFC for iPhone 5s

  • By Timothy Roberts
  • Monday, September 16, 2013

Apple made a much anticipated announcement last week about features and additions to the next rev of the iPhone. There’s no disputing that iPhone 5s includes some cool new features such as Touch ID fingerprint scanner and better battery life.

Leading up to the news, there was debate over whether or not NFC would be in or out with Trusted Reviews even reporting that it was “heavily rumoured” to be included in the iPhone 5s. However, that was not the case. No NFC in this round of the iPhone, and very likely at this point, not ever.

Is Apple simply making a statement about the viability of NFC?

As this Wall Street Journal article aptly explains, the NFC is still lacking a killer app and truly is no simpler than swiping a payment card. It also points out the work Apple is doing with PayPal, and its new technology iBeacon.

Apple may be waiting to see if NFC makes it, or they may be working on alternatives to the system. Hard to say either way, but the lack of NFC in the iPhone 5s is definitely a setback for NFC as Apple has an estimated 40% of the handset market in the U.S.

Much like Apple, I am still not convinced NFC is going to be the mobile payment solution that it is touted to be.

So, if you are running out to get your new iPhone 5s on +September 20th, NFC is likely not to a deal breaker anytime soon.