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New eBook: How to build a successful mobile money business

  • By Timothy Roberts
  • Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Entrepreneurs have a strong sense of direction—they tend to move towards the fastest-growing industries, where the opportunity to innovate, accelerate and dominate is high. And with the mobile money industry registering over $2 billion in global transactions per day, many of them are funneling their energy and their money in that very promising direction. 

But will their investment pay off? Although the numbers paint an alluring picture, success in the mobile money industry is far from guaranteed. Simply launching a platform in a high-demand market and waiting for subscribers to find it is not enough. A smart marketing campaign, a sleek interface, a generous sign-up bonus—these gimmicks may drive adoption in the short-term, but they alone won’t sustain year-over-year growth, either. So what does it take to build a high-performing mobile money business? 


Well, it starts with this eBook. 


Written by Telepin experts whose mobile transaction technology supports more than 250 million subscribers and several of the world’s tier-one operators, this resource explores the proven strategies behind today’s low-risk, high-adoption mobile money operations. You’ll walk away with several important insights, including: 

  • How to think about your customers, your market, your rollout strategy, and your platform technology. We’ll walk you through the four key considerations that directly impact the long-term success of a mobile money business. Plus, you’ll be invited inside a real-world deployment to understand exactly how one Telepin partner  achieved profitability in just four years. 
  • How to navigate an uneven and rapidly evolving regulatory environment. Some policymakers are stimulating financial inclusion through modern, innovative partnerships and regulations. Others are lagging behind. Gain a fly-over perspective of the current landscape so that you can navigate it with ease. 
  • How to prepare for the future of the mobile money industry. Since the first mobile money breakthroughs of the late 2000s, this industry has gone from a nascent experiment to a diverse, well-established, dynamic global mainstay. What’s next? We’ve got a few evidence-based predictions that may help you build flexibility and responsiveness into your operations so that you can take advantage of today’s biggest opportunities and those that may be just around the corner.



Each section of this eBook is designed to help you look inside this complex, highly competitive, fast-moving industry so that you can carve out your next steps with confidence. Download your free copy today, or reach out to us to discuss tailored strategies for your successful mobile money deployment.