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Mobile Advertising Finally Hits its Stride

  • By Timothy Roberts
  • Tuesday, November 27, 2012

After years of talking about mobile advertising, the market is finally starting to see success in monetizing mobile. A recent Globe and Mail article discusses how both Facebook and Google are changing the mobile advertising game quickly, both reporting revenue as part of their Q3 earnings. As the article shares, Google is on the way to generating $8-billion in mobile revenue, and Facebook reported 14% of Q3 revenue was from mobile, or a cool $600-million. Best of all as writer Chris Umiastowski shares, Facebook just starting focusing on mobile advertising six months ago.

This is truly just the beginning as we all move further away from our desktops and laptops and increasingly rely on mobile devices for work and play. The mobile advertising market has endless potential, especially as brands figure out there’s truly a market and ample money to be made. Expect to see new and innovative ways of targeting ads on mobile devices, as advertisers have more data than ever before right down to your location, purchasing habits and more. The article uses the example of how Google has monetized YouTube and the possibilities of how Facebook can tie mobile advertising to Instagram, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

What will be most interesting is to see how consumers react and what type of controls they have over ads – will there be a fast forward or skip? Consumers have become used to being able to control what they watch with the world of PVRs, fast forwards and the ability to change the channel or radio station in a click of a button. Advertisers are going to need to give consumers content compelling enough that they want to watch, because they are so much more savvy than when other types of advertising rose to popularity.