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“Keep your eyes on us”: The secret behind Malaysia’s fastest growing mobile wallet app

  • By Timothy Roberts
  • Thursday, November 07, 2019

In a marketplace crowded with more than 70 competitors, how did e-wallet provider Valyou manage to grow its customer base by 66% in its first year?

How did they gain a reliable foothold within a population known for mistrusting new technology?

On top of all that, how did they do it all with style, using an innovative mobile wallet app that has won international awards?

The key, explains Fahad Rehman, Head of Technology at Valyou, is agility.

In our new case study, Fahad explains that his team, working alongside Telepin, sought to design its e-wallet app according to the precise expectations and use cases of its intended customers.

That meant narrowing its initial target market to focus on the most underserved of those customers: migrant workers. From there, Fahad’s team worked alongside Telepin to build trust through a secure, reliable, and flexible platform that would work the way migrant users needed it to, with intuitive pathways for sending money, paying bills, topping up airtime and more. Integrations with international partners in places where the majority of Malaysia’s migrant workers send money every month—places like Pakistan and Bangladesh—meant convenience for their end users, while a record of zero downtime meant security and round-the-clock reliability.

These innovations amounted to a platform custom-built to meet the needs of migrant workers in Malaysia. Other platforms, which instead ask customers to adapt to prepackaged features, simply can’t compete with this agile and heavily customer-centric approach. As a result, Valyou now leads the country’s race as top mobile e-wallet provider.

To take a deeper dive into the Valyou success story and understand exactly how Fahad worked with Telepin’s team to design a platform that puts its users needs first, read the Valyou Case Study, and if you like, download the PDF version.