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Have You Waited in Line at the ATM Lately?

  • By Timothy Roberts
  • Friday, July 06, 2012

In our highly mobile world, conveniences like going to the ATM seem like an annoyance, especially when you are stuck waiting in line behind the guy with 18 transactions to complete. The visit to the ATM seems rather antiquated when we are used to PayPal and NFC.

NCR Corporation recently announced that they will soon be offering a way for customers to use their mobile to speed up that visit to the ATM. You can check out the article on the news over at ThinkMoney.

According to NCR, customers can use the mobile banking app on their phone to pre-stage the transaction and then at the machine, they would just need to scan the mobile over a barcode on the cash machines screen. Transaction authorized, cash dispensed and you are on your way in under 10 seconds.

Cool innovation for sure, and next time I’m headed to make a cash withdrawl, I’m sure I’ll be wishing this was at a nearby ATM. What I do wonder is where this fits in a society that is moving further and further away from using cash at all. With less and less cash being used, the ATM becomes less relevant. While I’m all for reducing wasted time, skipping that trip to the ATM entirely would be preferable.

I’ll be watching the rollout later this summer to see how consumers receive this innovation and if it actually slows down the line as people try to figure out how to use it.