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Digicell Rolls Out Mobile Money Services

  • By Timothy Roberts
  • Monday, July 19, 2010

Digicel, a service provider that operates in six Pacific markets, rolled out its new Digicel Mobile Money service in Fiji late last week. This service offers the people of Fiji a range of mobile financial capabilities including the ability to transfer money to friends and family nationwide, top up phones and pay Digicel post-paid bills.

Fiji is the first of Digicel’s six Pacific markets to make this service available and Digicel plans to roll-out Digicel Mobile Money across all Digicel Pacific markets facilitating international Mobile Money transfers among Pacific Islanders for the first-time.

This is an innovative service, and Telepin is proud to be providing the underlying platform for these services. With this service, Digicel phones become electronic wallets offering customers a convenient and secure way to transfer money to any mobile phone in Fiji, pay Digicel post-paid bills, top-up and deposit or withdraw cash from their electronic wallets.