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COVID-19: Telepin plans for business as usual

  • By Timothy Roberts
  • Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Dear customers, colleagues, friends,

We hope this message finds you and your colleagues, your family and your friends, well.

This is a difficult time for everyone right now, and with the rapidly changing and uncertain global situation around COVID-19, all teams are bracing for impact, as well as re-visiting plans to identify any possible effects.

For our team at Telepin, we want to reassure you, that for us, it’s business as usual.

With active deployments around the globe, on-going projects with milestones nearing completion, all requiring services and support, we are here for you.

Keeping in mind the well-being and safety of Telepin employees, balanced with our customer commitments, requirements and SLAs, we have arranged for all our employees, no matter their geographical location, to work remotely. The infrastructure to support our Telepin family working remotely, has been in place long before this recent global situation.

We realize there may be challenges ahead, but we are working now, and are prepared to continue working — supporting your business, your clients and you.

We will be in close contact with all our customers to ensure excellent communication during this time.

Please feel free to contact myself or any member of my team, we are here to help you, as always, but especially now, to navigate the next weeks to ensure success for everyone.

Myself and my team wish you and your colleagues, your family and your friends, health and safe passage today and every day that follows.

Best regards,

Vince Kadar
CEO, Telepin