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Brits Want Movie Tickets on their Phones – Mobile Money Convenience in Action

  • By Timothy Roberts
  • Friday, June 07, 2013

Earlier this week I talked about how one of the biggest risks to mobile money adoption is convenience. This story from Mobile Marketing Magazine shares a great example of convenience in action in the UK.

A new study from the Mobile Marketing Association found that 48 of UK consumers would like to be able to get cinema tickets delivered to their mobile. An estimated 13% of respondents have already purchased cinema tickets on their phone, and 28% expect to do so in the next year.

This is a simple, yet, powerful example of how mobile transactions are desirable in the developed world when it makes things faster for consumers. Not having to wait in line and more time to pick up your popcorn enhances the overall consumer experience. How that translates remains to be seen, but it could mean more visits, or potential for mobile advertising once tickets are purchased.

When it comes to driving adoption and acceptance in markets where mobile money adoption lags, convenience is truly the killer app whether it be not waiting in line or getting rid of trips to the bank. In a time-starved world, anything that saves time and makes life easier is apt to be a winner.