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Rfinity is one of many new investments driving Mobile Money forward in 2011

  • By Timothy Roberts
  • Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Investments in Mobile Money systems are increasing – a sure sign that not only is innovation in the space accelerating, but the prospects of monetary return are also cropping up.

RFinity is one company that’s looking to make it big with a $4 million dollar investment from Hong Kong based Horizon Ventures. As well as promising intra-device compatibility and a speedy transaction, RFinity are also adding a layer of security to NFC based monetary transactions, and they’re taking a leaf out of the card payment book, and adding a four digit PIN number to the transaction.

Not only is this something that will be instantly familiar to many users (thus reinforcing the market education that contactless payment is just an extension of credit and debit cards), but it also answers question like “what happens if my phone is stolen?”

The software driving the transactions is the goal of many of these companies – not only does it mean huge order books that can be used to leverage more R&D, but you can assume that a little rake on the top of each transaction would be a nice little earner. Getting adoption in key trials, expanding them, and the marketing that’s needed is where many of these companies need the extra cash base that investors can provide. It’s going to be a busy year for the VC funds!