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Mobile Payments on the Rise

  • By Timothy Roberts
  • Thursday, July 24, 2014

The good news is according to Nielsen, mobile payments are on the rise!

Summarized from the report: 40% of mobile wallet users say mobile is now their primary mode of payment; Men (47%) and women (53%) use the electronic/digital services in almost equal numbers. Not surprisingly among income levels the highest usage levels are those making under $50,000 with users between the ages of 18-34 accounting for the majority (55%) of users. The intersection of salary and age (early adopters) is not surprising from the report. The report #1 mobile payment method (45%) is the paying using a QR code displayed from the mobile device to a point-of-sale terminal; brough to you buy Starbucks.

Early adopters of a new technology has always tended to lean towards the younger demographic who have not developed set payment patterns of behaviour.

My mother who is well, and into her early 80’s, has not to this day used an ATM machine for cash withdrawal’s. She cites a lack of trust & security, and a preference to speak to the human form of the ATM to ensure her requests are fulfilled.

I am sure this number will continue on a very positive trend as Generation Z(ed) starts contributing to the topline growth as this highly connected demographic, having had a lifelong use of communication and media technology exposure and experience start contributing to economic growth of their respective countries.