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EDCH Relies on Telepin

  • By Timothy Roberts
  • Wednesday, January 30, 2013

EDCH (Emirates Data Clearing House), one of the world’s leading clearing houses recently announced they are working with Telepin to power the new Global EDCH International Transaction Platform in the United Arab Emirates.

What’s interesting about this project is that the platform empowers EDCH clients to enable their prepaid subscribers to recharge their accounts, and conduct other mobile transactions services such as international air-time transfer and mobile money transfer, while they are in their home network or roaming in the visited network.

Prepaid subscribers make up the majority of mobile subscribers. On some networks, especially in unbanked areas of the world, prepaid represents 99% of the entire customer base. Currently, to top-up a prepaid account, a mobile subscriber needs to be on their home network – making it virtually impossible to recharge their mobile accounts during sometimes extended times away from home, including work travel or vacation.

Ahmed Alyateem, Marketing Director at EDCH explains: “EDCH Hub has delivered a significant service that interconnects all our clients, allowing them to leverage their assets and creating a starting point to provide additional unified transactional services across the globe.”

The Hub provides mobile operators the ability to deliver robust financial services offering to their subscribers and merchant customers. The system plugs seamlessly into existing mobile infrastructure, leveraging the investments already made in charging systems, replenishment systems, and value added service delivery platforms.

For more details on this announcement, please visit the Telepin Software web site.